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Luigi Castiglioni was born in Milan on November 20, 1936. He dieds in France

He shows great passion for design and painting since his childhood. At the age of twelve he initiates a series of frescoes on the walls of farms in Milan surroundings.


1950: He joins the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and takes part in his first exhibition at the age of fourteen.


1954/56: Stage design apprenticeship at La Scala Theatre in Milan.


1955: First individual exhibition at Baggio Gallery in Milan.


1957: He graduates at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.


1958: He executes murals in the entrance hall and the restaurant of an hotel in Sanremo. Sanremo’s Casino invites him to produce a one-man show.


1959: He moves to Rome where he works for Cinecittà as set designer in several films among which La dolce vita of Federico Fellini.


1960: He settles in Paris where he takes part in group exhibitions and works as press illustrator especially for Filipacchi Group. He produces numerous magazine covers for L’Express, Le Point, Valeurs Actuelles, Jazz Magazine, Best and others.


1969: He is awarded the Grand Prix Martini for his “Music Hall, les Beatles” poster.


1971: He makes an exhibition in Cannes and is awarded the Grand Prix de Peinture de la Côte d’Azur.


1972: He creates his first sport work, that is the poster for the World Boxing Championship Monzon-Bouttier. His oneiric and surrealistic style revolutionizes the old tradition. “... he becomes the uncontested master of the sporting poster he draws from shadow to produce a masterpiece.”, Libération.


1978: Castiglioni is the first living artist showing his works in Paris National Library.


1979: He designs a 500 m2 fresco for the Police Station in Maisons-Laffitte (Paris). He is granted the Grand Prix de l’Affiche Française for his Cannes works. He publishes six prints entitled “Tennis et Cosmos”.


1980: One-man show at Artcurial Gallery  in Paris.


1982: On the initiative of Médecins du Monde he executes “Votre Solidarité” poster (Poland cries a blood tear) devoted to the Solidarity Union in Poland. He also designs “Mundial 82” poster for the French television TF1.


1983: He executes the municipal elections anti-abstention poster upon request of the Centre d’Informatique Civique.

AGF Richelieu programme in Paris dedicates him an important retrospective.

Publication of “Ecce Ancilla Domini” print that is sold to FAVA benefit (association of handicapped children).


1984: He executes the world’s largest still-life using genuine food products eaten and drunk by the average French man during the seventy nine years of his life. This work has been included in the Records Guinness book.

Publishing of ”Euro 84”, his first lithography.

Individual painting and poster exhibition in Bordeaux C.A.P.C.


1985: He is decorated with the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.


1986: Publication of the book “Le Sport en Affiches  by Editions Alternatives. The book collects 135 sporting posters as a testimony of the most important events of all disciplines.

Publishing of “Tir à l’arc” lithography and of “Mexico 86” print for Toulouse Poster Museum. Exhibition at Toulouse Regional Centre.

The Italian Olympic Committee promotes an exhibition of Castiglioni’s posters at the Foro Italico and publishes “L’avvento del tennis nello spazio” lithography.


1988: Taking the opportunity of the French Sport Museum’s inauguration, he holds an exhibition at Parc des Princes and executes a 10m x 2m painting about sport commissioned by the museum.

He is granted the “Ambrogino d’Oro by the city of Milan.


1989: The Wilanow Museum of Warsaw exhibits for the first time 50 paintings and 85 posters of a one artist. Denoël Editors take the opportunity to publish the artist’s monograph in four languages.

Publication of “Nocturne” and “Ekla” lithographies, as well as of “Ecce Panis” print.


1990: He creates a poster for the international campaign of the Red Cross denouncing civil war victims.

Publication of “En attendant Bacchus” lithographie.


1993: Jacques Bacquier Gallery exhibits a retrospective of boxing posters.


1994: Castiglioni is granted the “Palme d’Or” at the Humour International Show of Sanremo.


1995: He is commissioned by the Centre d’Informatique Civique for the execution of “Votons” poster for the French presidential elections.


1997: His exhibition in Monte Carlo is inaugurated by Prince Albert of Monaco and by Juan Antonio Samaranch, president of the Olympic International Committee.


1998: He executes “Mondial 98” poster for Groupe Lagardière of which lithographies and prints are published.


1999: Upon Prince Albert’s request he executes Luciano Pavarotti’s portrait that is to be sold for a humanitarian cause. This is the start of a close co-operation with Monaco Principality’s charity.

Exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum of Saint lô. Publication of the print entitled “France Championne du Monde”.


2000: Paintings and posters retrospective at the gallery Palazzo Sertoli-Credito Valtellinese in Sondrio (Italy). Publishing of a new monograph.


2001: He is commissioned by M.C.C.C. to execute the “Tennis Master Series of Monte Carlo” poster. Exhibition of paintings and posters in the casino atrium.


Luigi Castiglioni has created over 300 posters for sporting events and humanitarian causes. He has exhibited his works in 12 countries and over 100 towns.